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Athletic Trainer Spotlight: Amanda Schutte, Blanchester High School

Athletic Trainer Spotlight: Amanda Schutte, Blanchester High School
Athletic Trainer Spotlight: Amanda Schutte, Blanchester High School

Amanda (Lawson) Schutte is our onsite athletic trainer at Blanchester High School. She is a full time mom and enjoys volunteering at her church. She is an Ohio University graduate, 2010. Keep reading to find out more about her favorite part of being back in her hometown delivering medical care to the athletes in at her alma mater. 


What is the most exciting game/rivalry at your school?


The most exciting game at Blanchester is the cider keg game. It is traditionally played as the first game of the year for football. It is against our rival Clinton Massie. For decades it has always been the biggest game of the year. Just recently administration have postponed the game until 2019. Wildcats will definitely get back the keg then!


Overall, what is your favorite sport to cover and why?


Other than Friday Night Lights, I love covering ice hockey! This was my favorite rotation at Ohio University. The the speed, agility, and level of skill to play is fascinating; and it’s fun to watch too! Evaluating injured players on the ice is always interesting as well!


What are some of your favorite ATC memories so far?


My favorite memory thus far would be 2016’s football season’s last game. When we found out that we would be advancing to the playoffs for the first time in over a decade. Those 12 seniors were my first group that I had the privilege to work with through their entire high school career. They worked their butt off to get that far and I will always be their biggest fan.


What do you love about your current position?


I love being at my alma mater and I love this community. The kids are respectful and coaches are wonderful.

Anything new or exciting coming up career/life wise?


I am a mom of two handsome boys. My oldest is 7 and my youngest will be five months old this week!

What is one ‘dream’ sports medicine/biomechanical equipment addition you would put to use if money wasn't an option and why?


My dream would be to have a office makeover!



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