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Athletic Trainer Spotlight: Andrew Chaney, Bethel Tate High School

Athletic Trainer Spotlight: Andrew Chaney, Bethel Tate High School
Athletic Trainer Spotlight: Andrew Chaney, Bethel Tate High School

Andrew Chaney is the Athletic Trainer for Bethel-Tate high school. He graduated from Wright State University in 2016 with a bachelors degree in Athletic Training. He enjoys playing soccer and spending time with his family when he isn't taking care of the athletes at Bethel Tate.


What is the most exciting game/rivalry at your school?


I think the most exciting game at our school is our senior nights. I enjoy listening to all the seniors get announced and listen to all their accomplishments over their years in high school. Our biggest rivalry is Felicity-Franklin in basketball and those games are usually really loud and intense.


Overall, what is your favorite sport to cover and why?


My favorite sport to cover is soccer because I grew up playing soccer and still to this day absolutely love watching and playing it.


What are some of your favorite ATC memories so far?


One of my favorite memories of being a ATC so far is this past fall when Bethel-Tate football went 10-0 and hosted their first home playoff game and making school history.


What do you love about your current position?


I love interacting with the student athletes everyday and providing them the care that will help return them to their sport.


Anything new or exciting coming up career/life wise?


The most exciting thing I have coming up or I guess what I am looking forward too the most is the end of June when we take our family vacation to Key West Florida.


What is one ‘dream’ sports medicine/biomechanical equipment addition you would put to use if money wasn’t an option and why?


One piece of equipment I would like to use is a dynavison. I was able to use one at Wright State and enjoyed it. The machine works on athletes reaction time and I think it would be a fun tool to use to help the students improve the reaction time.


If money wasn't an issue, I would like to have a field house AT room out by the football, baseball and softball fields. 

Professional Affiliations

  • Arthroscopy Association Of North America
  • Keystone Surgery Center
  • American Association orthoscopic Section
  • American Medical Association
  • American College Of Sports Medicine
  • Lexington  Medical Society