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Athletic Trainer Spotlight: Corrine MacIntosh, Goshen High School

Athletic Trainer Spotlight: Corrine MacIntosh, Goshen High School
Athletic Trainer Spotlight: Corrine MacIntosh, Goshen High School

I moved here about 3 years ago from New York! I’m from Fairport, Ny born and raised! I just recently bought a house in Anderson township. I was placed with Goshen High School. I believe Goshen was the right fit for me! I have developed a strong relationship with the community, and I love being there.


What is the most exciting game/rivalry at your school?


Our schools biggest rivalry is Blanchester High School. We play a football game each year for the King of the Road Trophy! Which we have won the past 3 years since I’ve been with GHS!!


Overall, what is your favorite sport to cover and why?

My favorite sport to cover is football! I live for Friday Night Lights. Even though it makes for longer days/night, it’s the most exciting sport to be part of! And it’s so worth it.


What are some of your favorite ATC memories so far?

My favorite memories at GHS were watching my girls basketball team be back to back sectional champions!! Also watching my football team beat Clinton Massie this year! It was a crazy experience to be apart of. We also made playoffs for football and hosted them!! I loved being part of that!!


What do you love about your current position?

What I love most about being an athletic trainer is helping my kids overcome injuries and obstacles in their sports.


Anything new or exciting coming up career/life wise?

I’m looking forward to my wedding this May to my fiancé Connor. We will be spending our honeymoon in Rivera Maya.

We also have some other vacations scheduled for the summer. Also looking forward to going into my 4th school year at Goshen High School.


What is one ‘dream’ sports medicine/biomechanical equipment addition you would put to use if money wasn’t an option and why?

I would love to have a whirlpool at my high school. I think it could be very beneficial for certain sports and rehabilitation treatments. I would also like to have a computer to help keep documentation and records and it would make my signing in athletes so much easier.

Professional Affiliations

  • Arthroscopy Association Of North America
  • Keystone Surgery Center
  • American Association orthoscopic Section
  • American Medical Association
  • American College Of Sports Medicine
  • Lexington  Medical Society